Pinkberry Goes East


Pinkberry is coming to New York. Since New Yorkers don’t need to park and are used to trash, they’re all happy.

Meanwhile, back in West Hollywood, where Pinkberry has been viewed as a mixed blessing, resident Philip Hoskins has organized a leaflet campaign, demanding KICK THEM OUT. Hoskins has been unhappy about Pinkberry for a while:

Pinkberry itself admitted to 1,600 before the summer’s heat wave hit and we now estimate that must have escalated to over 3,000 per day. With only some 8 parking spaces available, customers decided to ignore the parking restrictions and use the permit parking area for themselves. The city reported over 400 tickets given out in May compared to less than 50 the previous year, showing the impact of Pinkberry.

The parking issue is due to WeHo’s permit parking as well as residents’ rights. WeHo’s city council postponed a hearing until November 6, leaving the locals to stuggle with garbage and parking. And of course, by November, the rainy season should be upon SoCal, and the cravings for yogurt abated.