Ping Pong Still Needs Work

ping pong on facebookI decided to play Ping Pong with about two seconds thought, and the game was worth that amount of time. No more, no less. The game is exactly what it promises, a digital game of ping pong. It’s not to be confused with the classic “pong,” because that was a 2D game. This is a 3D flash game that takes into account angles, speed, and depth of the shot.

You play against a CPU, and this is perhaps the best indication of how much work this game still needs. The CPU is good. Really good. For only being a floating paddle, it handles like a champion of the poltergeist world. The challenging element keeps you coming back, but it’s still a pretty tedious experience.

The developers have created a forum, high scores, videos, and an invitation tab. The photos and videos don’t relate to this game specifically, but instead to the greater idea of “ping pong.” It’s pretty amateurish but you can imagine that there are people who are really enjoying the making/playing of this app. The game would be greatly improved by the ability to challenge your friends and unlock new features. As it stands, this game is worth perhaps two minutes of game play, and after that you move on to other applications.

Gameplay: 4

Developers: 4