Ping Gets Into Workspace Voyeurism


In case you missed it, PingMag has gotten into the popular “show us your desk” trend, wherein people take photographs of where they spend their days working (based off the, well, nearly every website over the past couple of years). But they’re putting a nice spin on the standard, which, much like how this writer’s mother feels about those home remodeling shows on HGTV, never seems to get boring. What Ping is doing is holding a Japan vs. UK contest, to pit British designer’s desks against Japanese designer’s desks, in a winner-take-all, battle to the death, all in the name of celebrating UK-JAPAN 2008. In truth, even though it’s billed as such, there really isn’t anything competitive about the whole thing. It, once again, just follows that fun pattern of enjoying looking at where designers do their thing, while simultaneously allowing you to raise and lower your pride and ego at will, depending on how much better or worse your desk is to each photo.