Ping for iPhone Helps You Remember People You Met In The Last 24 Hours

Other ways to use the app are if you want to talk to that charming guy you saw at the coffee shop... say “hi” to the blonde you've been eyeing in the chemistry class... or exchange phone numbers with someone you met at the convention. Now, you can, using LocoPing.

A new iPhone/iPad app called LocoPing is the latest social networking gizmo from Sillero Technologies. Sillero says LocoPing brings “Location Based Social Networking (LBSN) into the next level!” The new LBSN gismo will hit the market July 2011 for the Apple devices as an application that helps users remember other users around them for 24 hours. It sounds like the Hangover cure for Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in the Todd Phillips hit movie.

Contacting people you are aware of but haven’t formally met is another way to use the app. If you want to talk to that charming guy you saw at the coffee shop… say “hi” to the blonde you’ve been eyeing in the chemistry class… or exchange phone numbers with someone you met at the convention. Now, you can, using LocoPing.

“What makes LocoPing different from other location-based dating or friendship apps is the fact that we’re giving users the ability to record the history of locations they’ve been at for the past 24 hours,” says Ray Panah, Sillero Technologies. “We don’t want the App user to miss out on any chance of meeting new people. If you saw someone in the past 24 hours or have been around them, then you have the ability to look them up and text them, ask for their number or email address. We don’t want to limit ourselves to be another dating App. You can use LocoPing for finding new friends in school, work, neighborhood, or just down the street at the diner.”

I am still stuck on the idea of Hangover. What if you drank too much the night before and can’t remember where you’ve been? LocoPing would help you recall those foggy moments. You could retrace your steps.

All kidding aside and you shouldn’t drink too much, anyway. Sillero Tech is banking on the fact that people want to connect to new people who go to the same places and not limit themselves to the usual social networking members. It’s not about checking what your friend in Memphis posted on their wall 1/2 hour ago… Or where your sister went last night for dinner… People want to connect and socialize with people around them.

LocoPing is for people who go to the same places, work at the same building, other students who they never get to talk to. Business people don’t have to exchange business cards, phone #s and email addresses at the next convention. It seems like an “ice breaker.” LocoPing is a system to help others get to know each other on a more personal level.

But Ray Panah said, “People can now use LocoPing to “ping” each other and exchange info without even knowing each other.”

“Without even knowing each other” sounds superficial. Don’t you think? Social networking is about knowing more about those who are around us. I am sure the new LBSN device can “break the ice” in social gatherings. If someone “pinged” me, I’d want to know more about them. Why did they “ping” me?

Graphic: Always Aware

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