Pin Drop Launches Location Bookmarking App in the US

Pin Drop 650

Location bookmarking app Pin Drop has officially launched on iOS and Android in the US, allowing users to drop virtual pins on an interactive map to create a world view of locations they’d like to share with friends or simply remember for future browsing. Along with this US release, the app has been updated with new features, including a “complete privacy overhaul,” which gives users control over whether pins and tags are private or publicly shared.

With Pin Drop, users view the world around them on a map, and can drop pins on locations they’d like to remember. It could be a new coffee shop with great pastries, or the spot of a great past vacation. Whatever the reason, users can tag and categorize these bookmarks into lists with particular themes, or form these lists with other people.

WI0D7YWC8wNA2RBJBBvLCYZi3LLAa2hgl8ie30PAMBQFor instance, creating a list of the “Best Free Wi-Fi Hotspots” or “Best Discount Hotels” around the country would be tricky for someone, even if they did frequently travel. However, turning the tag into a collaborative list would allow others to add their favorite locations from their own experiences that match those lists.

When pinning a location, users can add notes they’d like to remember, can import or take photos and videos on the spot, can record audio notes for the location, and can share these pins back to Facebook or Twitter for others to see (or share them via text message, email, Line, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger). Pins can also be marked with a geo-fence tag, so users receive a notification when they’re nearby. In addition, the app itself imports available phone numbers and websites of businesses, for easy reference later.

Pin Drop users can also use the app to discover new locations, searching “nearby” for museums, cafes, clothing stores and other business types. Users can follow others within the app to view their public pins, and can also import their Foursquare checkins and Instagram photos to add more bulk to their profiles and pinned content.

Other features allow users to create groups for themselves and their like-minded friends, or view curated content for those collaborative lists. Since the app’s relaunch in November 2013, over 2.5 million pins have been created, with nearly 30 percent of the app’s users engaging with the app for day-to-day business. The app has shown to be particularly popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts, as well as “niche” groups like foragers, architects and more.

“We created Pin Drop to redefine the experience of mobile location bookmarking,” said Andy Ashburner, founder of Pin Drop, in a company release. “By combining features of social networking and discovery apps with an innovative, simple­-to-­use mapping interface, we’re helping users remember the places they love from anywhere around the world. We developed Pin Drop in response to the lack of a comprehensive location bookmarking solution ­- the idea of sharing curated maps with friends and family seemed simple enough, but we found that there was no easy way to do so. That’s where Pin Drop comes in.”

Pin Drop is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.