Pillow Fights Surge In Popularity On Facebook For The Holidays

-Luxury Pillow Icon-There’s no better way to tell your friend you love them than smacking them in the face with a pillow. Alright, maybe hitting them with a pillow isn’t the best way to express your affection, however over the past week, millions of Facebook users have been spreading love with the Pillow Fight application. Personally I find the application to be horrendously annoying as my profile gets spammed with multiple pillow fight wall posts daily.

The pillow fight application is not the only app which has taken advantage of the holiday as an opportunity to spam user profiles. Blingee Book, for example, lets you send video cards to your friends that are then posted to their wall. In theory it’s a great feature, however with the volume of wall posts I’ve received in the past few days, I have a feeling that some developers have discovered a loop hole in the Platform.

Alternatively they are simply taking advantage of users to get them to spam their friends’ walls. Whatever the reason is, millions of users are now sending cards, gifts, and hitting each other with pillows once again on the Facebook Platform, something which we once thought would be eliminated all together. Unfortunately I can’t come up with any better explanation for the sudden surge in wall posts from friends I don’t know well.

Have you noticed a sudden surge in the number of application posts on your wall from friends? In just over a week the Pillow Fight application has jumped from 3 million monthly active users to over 6 million, and while some of these applications have relevant holiday content, many of them appear to be nothing more than spammy applications.

What applications are your friends posting to your wall? Do you find these posts to be annoying or do you like them?

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