Pillow Fight, Wild Ones and Inferno On Our Weekly List of Top Games By Monthly Users

Pillow fights are officially the new vampire bites on this week’s list of the top 20 games by growth in monthly active users, taken from our sister site AppData. It’s the second week in a row this “game” has won the top honors, crossing 15 million people with an impressive 20 percent gain. That’s the same as last week, so its growth trajectory has yet to slow.

Game is in parentheses because Pillow Fight is essentially a glorified version of poking or biting your Facebook friends, with hundreds of pillow choices and a virtual currency. In the past we’ve had trouble admitting that these apps are real games — they appear here because they are marked as games in Facebook application directory. But as their features multiply, it’s becoming harder to deny them entry into the club.

The rest of the list is occupied by a mix of old favorites and several newer games that, like Pillow Fight, have been on this list for more than a week. Here it is:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Pillow Fight15,063,982+2,982,837+19.80
2. Happy Island9,012,780+1,496,063+16.60
3. Birthday Cards29,700,484+1,308,207+4.40
4. Zoo World13,335,340+1,290,837+9.68
5. Tiki Farm4,732,995+1,101,304+23.27
6. Texas HoldEm Poker24,197,747+616,280+2.55
7. Country Life7,229,831+536,608+7.42
8. Wild Ones1,129,240+505,543+44.77
9. Island Paradise6,834,434+395,524+5.79
10. My Town836,347+366,335+43.80
11. MindJolt Games15,520,918+363,496+2.34
12. FarmVille74,008,714+349,171+0.47
13. what are you born to do?1,587,989+328,267+20.67
14. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009!1,001,472+324,074+32.36
15. Garden World952,987+316,311+33.19
16. 開心寶貝541,375+256,888+47.45
17. Jungle Jewels2,574,182+179,226+6.96
18. IQ test1,303,632+158,597+12.17
19. Friends For Sale!4,810,532+156,856+3.26
20. Ninja Saga2,179,884+128,225+5.8

As we mentioned last week, there seems to be a new trend in island-themed games. The current winner is Crowdstar’s Happy Island, which has risen from third to second place overall. Tiki Farm has lost some ground, adding only half as many MAU as last week, while Island Paradise picked up steam but remained third in the group.

Wild Ones, a Playdom takeoff on Worms coming in at number eight, is becoming one to watch. The game has been out since early December, but its growth was slow at first. Now it’s zooming ahead with over 500,000 new players, growth of 45 percent. It’s still small for now, but seems to have overcome its initial slow growth — see the chart below. We review the game here.

Another game picking up steam is My Town, a new city builder. By next week, it will have crossed a million MAU. That will make it the first significant success for newbie game company Broken Bulb Studios, which is also seeing some success with Ninja Warz.

Finally, there’s an odd exception to this list: Dante’s Inferno, a social RPG version of a console game based on and Dante Alighieri’s classic book coming this year from EA. The publisher, LOLapps, may have forgotten to list it as a game; but that’s not hurting its growth to over five million players, a 23 percent increase from last week. Still, few of the new MAU users seem to be coming back to play again — see the DAU (daily active users) as a percentage of MAU chart below.