Pillow Fight – Light, Fluffy, and a Brief Distraction

Pillow fighting- harmless, fun, and a bit flirtatious. Digital pillow fighting is just like pillow fighting in real life, without the fear that your opponent will have an allergic reaction to the down pillows you wield.

Developed by Shikha and Anand V. Chhatpar, Pillow Fight is a social game that lets you whack your friends with a variety of digital pillows. It’s in many ways like Facebook’s “poking” in its ambiguous sexual subtext. Pillow Fight allows you to select over a dozen of pillows (and more are unlocked as you level up) to use against your Facebook friends.

Unfortunately, you can only hit people you are friends with, so you’ll likely have to invite a lot of your friends by hitting them. Pillow Fights then go back and forth as players hit and answer back. The more wins you get, the more pillows you unlock and the higher the level you become.

Tabs include “My Active fights,” “Invite Friends,” and a leaderbboard called the “Champions” tab. The My Active Fights let you know who you are currently fighting with (great to help you organize your many pillow fights with your friends). There is also an “Instant Wins” that allows you to unlock new pillows by participating in offers. An enthusiastic user can jump several levels quickly without the need to fight or invite friends.

It’s a pretty simple game and has already gained a following likely because it’s a logical analogy to poking ib Facebook. However, it doesn’t contain any particularly ground-breaking elements, and there isn’t animation to keep you sticking around for a while. The variety of pillows is nice, but it’s still a pretty shallow game. But then again, anything deeper would probably ruin the innocence and silliness of the app.

Game play: 5

Development: 6

Pillow variety: 7

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