PikPok Launches Rival Stars Basketball on iOS, Android

Games publisher PikPok has announced the launch of Rival Stars Basketball on iOS and Android devices. The game mixes elements from card collection and arcade action titles, and allows players to build a team of stars, guiding them through individual basketball games and leagues towards “global sports domination.”

When starting Rival Stars Basketball, players name their team and choose a color scheme and design template for their team’s uniform. From there, they can play in single-player campaign or multiplayer tournament matches.

During each game (which is played using energy), users take their team of five players into a basketball game against a rival team. Each quarter of the game progresses rapidly, with teams automatically taking shots at the basket.

Rival Stars BasketballEach card has its own attack and defense stats, which are especially important during “Rival Clashes,” moments of one-on-one gameplay between two cards. These Rival Clashes may ask players to pick a great defender or a great offensive player, and users would then decide which member of their team to play in the center area of the board based on their stats. A card from the opposing team is also played, and the winner of the face-off is determined based on their stats.

During gameplay, users will also experience Power Plays, instances of action-focused gameplay on the actual basketball court. These Power Plays focus on timed prompts and swipe controls, and see players taking shots at the basket, stealing the ball from an opposing player, passing the ball to a teammate, and so on.

As players successfully complete Rival Clashes and Power Plays, their team may go on a hot streak, increasing their chances of victory even higher. These hot streaks aren’t guaranteed, and won’t occur if players fail to successfully complete the prompts during Power Plays, for instance.

As players complete games, they earn experience points or “Fame,” which helps them level-up over time. When earning new Fame levels, players earn a larger energy cap (for one), helping them play more games going forward. Users may also receive free player cards and coins after finishing games.

Silver (free) coins are used to level-up existing players, while premium gold coins are used to purchase premium players in card packs. Leveling up a card involves spending excess or lesser players and coins on a card users would like to keep, thereby increasing that teammate’s attack and defense stats. Premium currency can also be used to purchase a larger deck capacity, so players can hold more individual cards in their inventory at once.

“Sports gaming has been a pillar of our success here at PikPok,” said Mario Wynands, managing director of PikPok. “Rival Stars Basketball is an exciting new addition to our lineup, building on our past hits, and delivering a never seen before basketball gaming experience for mobile and tablet.”

Rival Stars Basketball is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is currently featured as a Best New Game on iTunes.