Pierre Cardin Launches Android Tablet

Until someone finally comes to the table with $1.5 billion to buy the brand outright, Pierre Cardin seems ready to keep those new licensing deals coming at an ever-steady clip. Via the Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Vogue Industries Co., Ltd., and because every company seems eager to try and replicate Apple‘s success with the iPad, the Pierre Cardin Tablet PC has just launched. Other than the nice faux-leather case it’s wrapped in, it looks a bit like the first, chunkier iteration of the iPad, though smaller, coming in at 7″. As it runs an older version of Google‘s Android operating system, we’re fairly certain it’s not soon to be adopted by the tech and gadget-hungry crowd, but for those to whom the Apple logo doesn’t carry enough status, we suppose that, thanks to this new, Cardin-emblazoned device, they’ll finally be able to jump on the tablet bandwagon. Here’s a look at it from some video shot at a trade show earlier this year and here’s some from the press release about why it exists:

Pierre Cardin epitomizes the belief that great design can enhance everything from clothes and luggage to furniture and living spaces. We are delighted to be launching the first designer-branded tablet PC into the UK market. Following the successes of the Prada and Armani brands with their mobile phones, we strongly believe there is a strong market for our tablet PC.