Pieces of MoMA’s ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’


Now that Design and the Elastic Mind is off to a good start at the MoMA, bits and pieces of the exhibit are popping up here and there, likely doing just the trick in encouraging people to drop by and check out the whole thing. Just today we ran across Dezeen showing off something UK design firm, Troika, has in the exhibition called “Newton Virus.” It’s a fun prank program using the gyroscopes embedded in Mac laptops. You simply sneak over, install a file, and when your unsuspecting user gets back to the computer, gravity takes over their screen. Elsewhere, we also found Archinect joining us in talking in detail about the collaboration between motion graphics firm, Imaginary Forces, Greg Lynn and Alex McDowell, a piece called New City, which is, well, read up about it in our post from yesterday and then swing by Archinect’s coverage to check out the videos they’ve included of the project.