Piddas21 launches RemotePlay for iOS, allows cross-platform content streaming

Piddas21’s today launched RemotePlay on iOS, an app that allows users to instantly stream and share videos, photos, music or documents in real-time with other users.

“We’re very excited about launching RemotePlay on iOS as it allows us to truly demonstrate how disruptive peer-to-peer broadcasting of content across multiple platforms can be,” said Piddas21 founder and CEO Joe Lin, in a statement. “RemotePlay gives people a new way to share their favorite content and dramatically enhances the way they interact socially through technology.”

Piddas21, a subsidiary of the worldwide leader in notebook original design manufacturing Quanta Computer, released the Android version of RemotePlay in early March. Now with the launch of the iOS version of RemotePlay, iOS users can automatically import their music and videos from iTunes as well as share content from third-party apps like Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive and others (including email attachments), with other users who also have the RemotePlay app installed on either an iOS or Android device.

The Taipei-headquartered mobile app company Piddas21 claims RemotePlay is the first mobile app that allows users to instantly stream content to another user who also has RemotePlay installed on their device. Users can instantly stream content to one person at a time or multiple people at once. The app doesn’t allow for users to select a certain group of people — it’s either one person or everyone. Each user who’s a recipient of the shared content can independently pause, replay and view the content as they please.

For additional information about the app’s user interface, how users share content or the technology behind the app, refer to our previous coverage for the Android launch of RemotePlay.

RemotePlay is available now on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets. The app will release for Windows Phone 8 in the coming months.