Funny Twitter Account Of The Day: Pictureless Pinterest

Pinterest is the talk of the social media world these days, with its attractive visuals and easy photo-sharing capabilities. But what if you took that all away? Would Pinterest still be Pinterest?

Not so much, really. But it does make for some pretty funny text-based descriptions of a “Dining room table set up on a beach” and “The singer Adele wrapped in a wooly blanket”.

A new Twitter account has popped up that tweets the “best of Pinterest without having to look at the pictures.” And it’s hilarious.

Pictureless Pinterest (@picturelesspins) tweets top pins without any images. And since images are what Pinterest is all about, the resulting tweets are like little minimalist, zen-like portraits of the images we’re obsessing over.

You can close your eyes and picture the Pinterest-inspired image in your mind when you read through these tweets, which is almost as good as looking at the pictures themselves. And, when written in tweet-form, the things we pin to Pinterest sound pretty ridiculous at times!

Here are some of our favorite pictureless pins:

Have your own ideas for pictureless pins? Tweet them to us, or write them in the comments below!

(Hat tip: BetaBeat)