Picture This: Susan White Returns to Vanity Fair, Agencies Align for EuroPhoto, Kodak Patents

(Courtesy Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair has restored Susan White (pictured) to her former position as photography director. She replaces Judith Puckett-Rinella, who arrived in December from T: The New York Times Style Magazine. White worked at Vanity Fair from 1988 until last year, when she left to become the executive director of editorial at Trunk Archive. “The depth and breadth of Susan’s knowledge, both of Vanity Fair and of the world of photography, are invaluable,” said editor Graydon Carter. “We’re so pleased she’s coming back to the magazine, not only for what she brings as a professional but also as a friend.”

• Their shared currency may be on shaky ground, but that hasn’t stopped major news agencies from ten European countries coming together to create EuroPhoto, an online archive of historic photojournalism. Funded by the European Union’s Information and Communication Technology Policy Support Programme, the project aims to digitize 150,000 historical pictures from the agencies’ archives and make them available (and fully searchable) online along with hundreds of thousands of their historical pictures that are already digitalized and captioned. Participating agencies include EFE (Spain), DPA (Germany), and ANSA (Italy). Bookmark it now.

• And today in Kodak bankruptcy news, the embattled company has received the greenlight to auction its 1,100 digital capture and Kodak Imaging Systems and Services patent portfolios. Both Apple and FlashPoint had contested the sale on the grounds that they had ownership interests in a small number of the patents involved. The Bankruptcy Court judge looked up from his iPhone and said, “Nope, this is all squandered Kodak IP. Go ahead and put ’em up on eBay” (or something to that effect).