Pictorial: Primary Night at the Clay Aiken HQ

Good afternoon dear readers! A funny thing happened the other night whilst we were practicing our lob shot down at the Devil Ridge Golf Club in Holly Springs, North Carolina. We got lost on our way to the powder room and ended up stumbling upon the Official Clay Aiken Campaign Primary Night Election Party!

In a ballroom that was decked out in what must have been dozens of dollars worth of balloons and crepe, several older people and the President of the College Democrats of NC State University were anxiously staring at a screen with numbers on  it. Naturally, we rushed over to the bar (first things first) only to find it stocked with lemonade and sweet tea -and nothing else. D-:

“Is this some kind of joke?” we wondered. Nope, it’s for real. Welcome to North Carolina!

Here are some pictures we took, after the jump. Sorry if they’re all out of focus and wobbly -we were literally stone-cold sober the whole night…