Pictionary Style "Depict" Game Partners With OpenFeint

Aurora Feint’s Gold partnership is a select program that invites the cream of the crop applications with exceptional utilization of OpenFeint’s social features and are in turn rewarded for their characteristics. The latest game to be selected is Depict 1.6 by Makeshift games, a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Depict 1.6 is a great example of a social mobile application and is perfect for OpenFeint. Read more after the jump.

Makeshift games is comprised of various industry professionals who collaborate to create games for both fun and profit. They’ve been developing games since 2005 and their latest title is a work of art, filled with addictive gameplay, achievements and innovative social features.

“We know that players love Depict and wanted to make sure our players were properly equipped to spread the joy,” said James Jacoby, manager of Makeshift Games. “We’ve worked with Aurora Feint to greatly expand our OpenFeint integration to make the social features of the game even more accessible,” said James Jacoby, manager of Makeshift Games.

Depict, a Pictionary-like drawing game, first launched in December of 2009. Players compete with friends and others worldwide in a drawing and guessing game where they have multiple choice answers for fast and simple play. There are many modes of gameplay including classic, lightning round and solo play, the last 2 being guessing only. The game can be played over the web and taps into OpenFeint’s ability to invite others and host private matches.
There are also numerous social features. Players can change their avatars to say wink at an opponent. As we know, most casual and social games motivate users with leaderboards – something Depict 1.6 does well especially with over 30 achievements to unlock.

“Depict is a ridiculously fun game that really captures the attention of our players,” said Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing and Developer Relations at Aurora Feint, Inc. “With it’s innovative OpenFeint integration and addictive game play, Depict is the perfect OpenFeint Gold game and a title that we think our 30 million players are going to embrace.”

Past Gold games titles include Fieldrunners, Jet Car Stunts and Bird Strike. As a Gold game, Depict will be featured in special promotions, including a dedicated landing page at OpenFeint with a banner, and featured in contests by Aurora Feint. The universal app is currently available in App Store for $0.99. Learn more about it here: www.openfeint.com/games/gold.