Picplz Adds Features

A new version of photo sharing app Picplz has been released for Android phones that enables you to add borders to pictures. As you can see in the screen shot, each affect now has two options, one with a border and one without a border. Not all of the borders are the same for the different affects. For example, the Russian Toy affect has a white square boarder, while the Cross Process affect has a black rounded square boarder. As previously, Picplz keeps the original version of a picture along with creating a new copy with the affect you select.

Picplz has also created a new feature to their web site called Collections. Users can create collections of photos taken by anyone sharing pictures on Picplz. You can also give other users the ability to add pictures to one of your collections, allowing a group of people to curate pictures. For example, here is a collection of photos of dogs edited by three different people.

The new version of Picplz for Android is available now in the Android Market. A new version for the iPhone that adds borders will be released shortly.