Picniic Launches Family Management App on iOS

The app allows users to organize schedules, to-do lists and more for their families in a single place.

Picniic announced the launch of its family management application, which allows users to organize schedules, to-do lists and more for their families in a single place.

With Picniic, users have access to a shared family calendar, as well as shared to-do lists, shared notes and shared lists (like grocery lists, for instance). Users can assign tasks and events to other family members as needed.

Picniic Screenshots

Picniic includes a Family News section, which allows users to share messages and photos with their family members, as well as view alerts when new lists and other items have been created.

Elsewhere, a recipe tool allows users to search for recipes from Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, Food Network and other sources. Users can save recipes to their in-app recipe boxes, and they can also add recipe ingredients to their grocery lists.

While Picniic is available to download and use for free, some features are locked behind a $15 monthly subscription. These features include a meal planner, a family locator, a group event planning feature and an information locker for storing important family information (like medical information or emergency contact numbers).

In a statement, Michael Cole, co-founder of Picniic, commented:

When I couldn’t find an all-in-one solution for managing and organizing my family, I decided to build my own. We interviewed families about how they stay organized and found that some parents are using six or seven tools meant for individuals instead of something geared toward the whole family. Picniic is all about sharing data between the family and making home life easier.

Picniic is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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