Picking Up Girls With Lamborghini Web Video Speaks Volumes

The silent treatment scores big on viral charts

Is the best pickup line a fancy ride? If YouTube content creator VitalyzdTV’s clip of him wordlessly inviting women into his Lamborghini is any indicator, then a luxury vehicle is the best way to woo a lady. 

The video—which has been viewed upward of 10.5 million times since it was uploaded on June 19—shows VitalyzdTV randomly driving up to women on the street and, solely relying on the power of hand gestures and nods, successfully getting several people to jump into his Lamborghini. It's shocking how these women are all-too-willing to sit in the passenger seat, especially considering the stranger driving the vehicle is creepily not uttering a single word.

Also, making it onto this week's top Web series chart is Epic Rap Battles of History's Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye duel. The series got a huge boost in publicity after it was featured in YouTube's ad campaigns featuring its top creators. This specific clip about the accomplishments of the scientific duo has drawn in more than 12.1 million pairs of eyeballs since the clip was uploaded on June 16.

Check out the rest of the list. Hat tip to our friends at VidIQ:

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