Pick & Zip App Allows for Easy Bulk Download of Facebook Photos

Pick & Zip is a Facebook application that works via Connect allowing users to quickly download photos from Facebook in either a PDF or Zip file, instead of having to use Facebook’s interface for one-off downloads. The app doesn’t require installation, is free and allows for convenient selection of key photos.

After logging in via Facebook Connect, the user is taken to an interface which allows them to hit the “Find my Photos” button and then select from among photo albums and tagged photos, review your selection and then download your photos fairly quickly. There’s a list of friends on the left-hand side of the application to facilitate quick identification of photos you want.

The app is especially helpful for Facebook users who have a lightbox view of photos, since it complicates actually right-clicking to save. However, it cannot be used to cull tagged photos of friends if their privacy settings hide their list of tagged photos

What’s more, for users who want to download many images at a time, if they are archiving, deleting or untagging photos for example, it’s a much preferable alternative to individually saving each of two dozen photos. This is especially true because the downloaded photos end up being the same file size as right-clicking to save.

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