Pick your president: 6 sites to help you decide

There are just five days left until the US presidential election and according to cable news channels there are plenty of undecided voters out there. So in an effort to help voters make up their minds, here is a collection of match games, quizzes and polls from both mainstream media and the media-minded that will help you decide which candidate matches your interest. And even if you’re already gunning for either John McCain or Barack Obama, the following will help you confirm you’ve made the right choice:

1. ABC News: Match-o-Matic

ABC’s fun Flash-based quiz is made more interesting by the cartoonified candidates.

2. USA Today: Candidate Match Game

USA Today employs sliders and radio buttons to help users share how they feel about major issues.

3. Glassbooth

Quiz-takers are first asked to rank the issues that are relevant to them, then are asked questions about those issues.

4. VAJoe.com: Candidate Calculator

A straightforward multiple choice quiz on pertinent political issues

5. SelectSmart.com Presidential Candidate Selector

Use sliders to weigh in on the issues in this 26-question quiz

6. Google: In Quotes

Google places the candidates’ quotes on topics like the Iraq war and energy side by side for easy comparison.