Pick It Up

The latest Washingtonian is chock full of DC-media goodies.

  • From their “Best & Worst” poll, the best…

      -Local TV News Anchor: 1. Jim Vance 2. Gordon Peterson 3. Doreen Gentzler

      -Local TV Sports Personality: 1. George Michael 2.Tony Kornheiser 3. Michael Wilbon

      -Local TV Weather Personality: 1. Bob Ryan 2. Doug Hill 3.Topper Shutt

      -Newspaper Columnist: 1. Michael Wilbon 2. Tony Kornheiser 3. George F. Will

  • Cathy Alter’s article on dating titled, “Our Threesome with George” (as in Stephanopolous)

  • Much love for Mike Allen.

  • Harry Jaffe giving us an update on life at the Post.

  • Garrett Graff’s profile of Tom Friedman, which includes this priceless picture of 1970s Tom:

  • And our apologies for leaving NewsChannel 8’s Beverly Kirk’s off of yesterday’s Mike Allen post. Ms. Kirk is also one of Washingtonian’s oh-so-single media types. Dream date: “One that’s filled with great conversation, humor, and company and leaves me looking forward to the next date.” Hey, we have an idea: Beverly, meet Mike.