‘Piano Tiles’ Leads the Free iPhone App List This Week

piano tileThis week’s leading free iOS app is still Piano Tiles, formerly, Don’t Tap the White Tile form Developer Hu Wen Zeng . It’s a an addictive game, and if you are prone to OCD behaviors, trust me, do not download this app. Many users are already risking it, but here is what one had to say:

This game, words cannot even describe my distaste for this horrid game. Maybe the white tile glows red when you hit it, because satan is behind the creation of this time consuming, life ruining game. I have found myself not sleeping, fearing that as soon as I doze off, that annoying note will blare through my head like a police siren. 

I can’t walk through my own kitchen, because the whole floor is white tile! A simple trip to the grocery store has become a traumatic experience for me, as well as my friends. Flappy bird looks like a tweety bird flying on a rainbow compared to this monstrosity. This isn’t a game, this is the devil. Jesus will not let you through the pearly gates into heaven, just because y’all created this game and ruined the human race. But Imma still play it though.


Below, we’ve listed the top free iPhone apps of the week. The list links to Inside Network’s research about the individual apps, including historical charts, developer information and download information.

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Top Free iPhone Apps of the Week

1. Piano Tiles Piano Tiles
2. 2048 2048
3. Swamp Attack Swamp Attack
4. Beats Music Beats Music
5. Snapchat Snapchat
6. Flappy Hero Go:jumpy wings bird Flappy Hero Go:jumpy wings bird
7. Don't step the white tile Don’t step the white tile
8. Instagram Instagram
9. YouTube YouTube
10. Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger


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