This Piano Was Taking Requests On Twitter

Did you catch @Stanley Piano playing on Twitter?

Stanley is a player piano (as you may have guessed) that was taking requests via Twitter. The piano isn’t active right now, but its creators from Digital Kitchen are!

Stanley Piano was created by Digital Kitchen for the sole purpose of appearing exclusively at the Capitol Hill Block Party this past weekend in Seattle.

For three days, it played requests folks tweeted to it.

You can check it out on its website to see how it works and how it came to be – just don’t plan on renting it for your own event. It’s not that sort of piano.

William Byrne, Director of Communications at Digital Kitchen tell us this was not a paid gig, with no charges made or profits.

We approached the Block Party organizers with the desire to create something inspiring for the event and to honor the independent spirit of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Digital Kitchen Seattle is located right where the Block Party was held.

Bet you wish they were in your neighborhood, hmm?

Byrne also tells us “there isn’t an immediate plan for him to go live again but I am suspecting after the hugely positive reaction we got, it won’t be the last of him.”

Let’s hope not.

So if you’re looking to create your own mixture of the digital and analog worlds “with inspired craftsmanship,” check out Digital Kitchen. We’re guessing they have a few more ideas to share with clients.

(Piano image from Shutterstock)