This Physics Professor Just Found Out His Theory Is True

You'll hear evidence for inflation theory 38 seconds in

It’s not often that you get wildly popular videos from the scientific community. But, seeing Stanford University professor Andre Linde find out the most solid evidence for inflation theory—the concept that the universe rapidly expanded microseconds after the Big Bang—will make you want to share his story.

While it doesn’t contain your usual viral tropes, watching a physicist learn he’s got the smoking gun for the theory he’s been trying to prove his entire life may make your heart grow three sizes today. It’s a great way to mark the proof of gravitational waves, which is already sparking a lot of chatter that the project scientists may win the Nobel Prize. Plus, the popularity of the video helps prove something that nerds have known all along: Science is pretty cool. 

In other inspiring science and technology news, Intel released a short video on Daniel, a double amputee in South Sudan who received 3-D printed prosthetics. Not Impossible Labs founder Mick Ebeling explains how his company is building labs in the area to help victims of the Civil War.

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