Phrases Tops 50 Million Users on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

Here’s something we couldn’t fit in the headline: Phrases, Facebook’s second-largest app after FarmVille, is now relying solely on countries outside the United States for its traffic. The app has picked up over three million people from around the world to lead this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing apps by monthly active users.

Here’s the list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Phrases50,243,643+3,119,597+7%
2. SmileyCentral8,455,363+1,781,588+27%
3. Social Fun2,629,972+1,306,558+99%
4. Birthday Cards10,266,094+1,280,624+14%
5. Disfrázate3,407,869+1,192,436+54%
6. Crime City3,914,363+1,189,145+44%
7. BandPage by RootMusic9,473,200+946,482+11%
8. Ravenwood Fair2,437,040+865,539+55%
9. Windows Live Messenger11,634,095+857,773+8%
10. لعبة الحقيقة1,675,797+818,116+95%
11. Texas HoldEm Poker 36,854,573+751,762+2%
12. Zoo World8,245,210+724,970+10%
13. My Kingdom1,902,183+667,271+54%
14. iHeart1,075,654+652,347+154%
15. TripAdvisor – Cities I’ve Visited™9,443,815+586,353+7%
16. Frases Diarias9,590,068+578,952+6%
17. dtac one D.I.Y.1,661,895+543,217+49%
18. ๑۩۞۩๑ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! ๑۩۞۩๑959,279+493,218+106%
19. Simply Hospital1,156,790+448,768+63%
20. Commit to Vote Challenge1,205,505+439,700+57%

We’re not entirely sure why Phrases is offline in the United States, but it could be related to Facebook’s most recent privacy scandal; some sources allege that Phrases, like other apps, was selling user information. For now, the app is just loading a simple message: “Sorry, currently Phrases can’t be accessed from within the US. We’ve had to make this tough decision in spite of the support of our fans in the US. Currently we have no timeline for lifting this restriction. We’re really sorry!”

It will take a month for the loss of its US users to cycle into Phrases’ MAU count, but it’s notable that the app has shed only a tiny percentage of its DAU, a number that responds much more quickly to changes. So it seems reasonable to assume that Phrases is drawing almost all of its numbers from Facebook’s nearly 400 million international users. By that measure, Phrases crosses the path of almost 15 percent of all international users.

The last point we’ll note about Phrases is that it’s now only 10 percent smaller than FarmVille, at least counting by MAU.

SmileyCentral comes in second, but the rapidly-growing app may have also run into policy problems with Facebook — users are reporting that the downloadable toolbar is no longer working on the social network, and its DAU is, unlike Phrases, registering a sharp drop.

Most of the remaining apps on the list continue growing as they have in past weeks. The one to take note of is BandPage by RootMusic, which has heated up significantly; the app should cross 10 million MAU this week. We last reviewed BandPage in August.