Phrases, Badoo, Zoosk, Book and Movie Challenges, Yahoo and More on This Week’s

Phrases, as well as Badoo and other dating apps, a few Connect apps, horoscopes, Friend Buzz and a Page tool were on our list of top 20 Facebook applications by monthly active users this week. Apps on the list grew between 411,000 and 1.7 million MAU this week. The list was compiled with AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook and covers apps that grew the most in the past week by MAU.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Phrases20,606,742+1,704,743+9%
2. Badoo67,976,269+1,582,045+2%
3. Diamond Dash2,759,892+1,187,499+76%
4. Book List Challenges1,545,394+1,065,757+222%
5. Frases Diarias8,095,449+979,888+14%
6. friend.ly2,511,080+963,091+62%
7. FarmVille48,229,941+942,563+2%
8. Yahoo!13,172,942+833,616+7%
9. Cupid5,434,267+769,007+16%
10. Are YOU Interested?16,595,172+740,478+5%
11. Profiline Bakanlar ?727,198+727,198+0.0%
12. Zoo World7,571,337+579,644+8%
13. Monster Galaxy9,252,709+556,314+6%
14. Daily Horoscope4,941,327+512,778+12%
15. Phrases (new)4,933,153+484,587+11%
16. Movie List Challenges503,948+462,100+1,104%
17. การวิเคราะห์สมอง1,510,035+448,910+42%
18. Zoosk6,771,138+432,591+7%
19. Friend Buzz6,457,429+422,561+7%
20. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa1,184,036+410,973+53%

Phrases topped the list this week, seeing a whopping 1.7 million MAU, representing just a 9% increase for the app that allows users to post interesting quotes to their stream. Phrases is not currently available in the U.S. A similar app, Phrases (new) also made the list, but with 484,600 MAU. Frases Diarias, Phrases in Spanish, was a hit in Mexico with 980,000 MAU this week, representing a 14% increase.

Badoo was a big hit this week, too, with 1.6 million MAU; the dating app’s Q&A format has users answer questions about their friends, publishing a feed story with each answer. The app grew mostly outside of the U.S. Then there were three more dating apps that also made the list: Cupid grew by 769,000 MAU, Are YOU Interested? by 740,500 and Zoosk by 423,600 MAU.

Book List Challenges grew by about 1.1 million MAU, a 222% increase. The app allows users to complete a survey of which books they’ve read, publishing results to the stream with inviting language, often prompting other users to comment and submit their own results. A similar app, Movie List Challenges, saw 462,100 more MAU this week, a 1,104% increase.

Connect apps on the list included with 963,100 MAU and Yahoo with 833,600 MAU. Turkish app Profiline Bakanlar? grew by 727,200 MAU, another Turkish app, Daily Horoscope with daily Wall posts, grew by 512,800 MAU.

The Thai การวิเคราะห์สมอง brain analysis app grew by 448,900 MAU and encourages virality by publishes feed stories and photo albums tagging a users’ friends. Friend Buzz is a Q&A app for users about their Facebook friends that publishes to the Walls of user’s friends when a question is answered; the app grew by 422, 600 MAU. Finally, iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa allows users who are Page administrators to compile their social media content into one tab; the app grew by about 411,000 MAU.