Photozeen: Snap photos to complete quests on iOS

Image via Photozeen

Wazzup Lab has announced the release of Photozeen on iOS, an app that looks to improve the photography skills of camera phone users by challenging them with photographic quests that can be judged upon by fellow users.

Photozeen is free to download on iPhone, and contains quests that ask for specific types of photos for each. One quest may ask users to take a self-portrait, for instance, while another is for sunsets or sports photography. These quests can be attempted multiple times as users’ skills improve, and users can vote on each submission, offering feedback that can be used going forward.

The overall app looks to incentivize users to keep coming back like they would to a game. Users earn coins and experience points by commenting or sharing images. At the same time, the more active a user is in the community, the more likely it is their own photos will receive feedback and attention.

The more photos users share, the more points they earn and the higher they climb on the in-app leaderboard. It’s a cycle that already looks to be inspiring users to share dozens of photos, but unfortunately, many of the comments (which, again, are posted to earn experience points and coins) are little more than smilies or random symbols.

Photozeen offers general photo browsing for “finding inspiration,” and allows users to search for specific tags for example images. The app can pull in new images via a device’s camera roll, or users can snap new pictures from within the app’s camera feature.

Photozeen is now available to download for free on iOS. You can follow its growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.