Photoshop Can Rid Your Images Of Trash Both Literal And Figurative | Gawker Knows The Right Way To Discuss STDs | Plus: A Handy Guide To All Facebook-Generated Venereal Diseases

Valleywag: This short, informational video on Photoshop’s “content aware” software is the single coolest thing I’ve ever seen. While sober.

Romenesko: Facebook syphilis should best be approached with a certain cultivated cynicism, at least according to Gawker overlord Nick Denton.

Rohin Guha: Speaking of Gawker, Rohin Guha has deftly deconstructed the site’s formula for pageview-grabbing listicles. Related: My notebook now contains a list of “The Top 5 Reasons I Lyk Rohin Guha,” written in purple gel-pen.

TVNewser: Anderson Cooper wants to get eaten. Preferably on videotape.

FishbowlDC: The only thing more amusing than reading about politicians getting ****** in the *** by a ***** with a ***** while eating **** out of an intern’s **** is perusing these stories about potty mouth lawmakers.