Photos Concerning A Film About Photography (or ‘Our Heads Just Exploded’)


If ever there became a need to have a “Buy Us Tickets and Lodging So We Can Go To London” pledge drive, this would likely be it. Because, you see, we’d really like to go to London to see the Antonioni’s Blow-Up exhibit at The Photographers’ Gallery. It will feature the photographs of Don McCullin, who took all the pictures Antonioni used in the film, which, if you’re unfamiliar with it (and shame on you if you are), is all about looking at, and finding meaning in, photographs. Here’s some:

The exhibition will centre on twelve photographs taken by Don McCullin for Antonioni of the park scene, as if through the protagonist’s camera. Other photographs, taken on set by Arthur Evans, will be grouped in sections which correspond to key sequences in the film. Some concentrate on the photographer’s act of photographing a specific fashion model and group of models in his studio, others focus on the enigmatic documentation of the park, the later encounter with the unwitting ‘heroine’, and finally the process – in the dark room and studio – of rendering and disclosing the overlooked secret object.