Photopon: Attach photos to coupons and share them with friends on iOS

Image via Photopon

With the amount of mobile coupon users on the rise, Photopon looks to capitalize on the growing popularity of mobile coupons by making them social and fun to send to friends. The Photopon app on iOS has been redesigned for Version 2.0, allowing users to find nearby deals, attach their own personal photos to those deals, and then share them with others.

The Photopon app looks to help brands capture the positive experiences users have in their stores or restaurants. Instead of just sharing photos of great food or great times to services like Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook, the Photopon app encourages mobile users to attach their photos to deals at those establishments, and then share the photo, alongside the deal, with others.

“At restaurants, bars and events, people post photos or ‘check-in’ because they’re having a great time and want to share the experience,” said Brad McEvilly, co-founder and CEO of Photopon, in a company statement. “There’s a huge missed opportunity for brands to associate themselves with these positive social experiences being shared through social media. Likewise, users need an easy way to immediately ‘visually’ express where they were when they had these experiences and give due credit to the brands that provided them.”

Photopon uses the iPhone’s location services to show nearby deals to users – say, 10 percent off a meal at a nearby restaurant. Users then take their own photos (like a photo of the discounted meal) and share those through email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. Friends and other viewers can then look at the picture and claim the coupon for their own use.

In addition to deals from individual businesses, Photopon also aggregates coupons from outlets like 8coupons, which should help the service function even in smaller cities. The app will eventually offer a rewards system that gives users points when their friends use one of their created coupons, with points being redeemed for even more deals or free items at participating retailers.

The Photopon app is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.