The First Real-Time Art Exhibit On Twitter Shows London In A New Light

The First Real-Time Art Exhibit On Twitter Shows London In A New Light

If you’re not the type to make a special trip to the art gallery every once in a while, you can still get your fix of high culture – on Twitter.

As psfk reports, fashion photographer Nick Knight and American Express are collaborating to offer tweeps a real-time, urban photography exhibit in their Twitter streams.

The gallery, called #MySecretCity, is a series of photos of the streets of London and is available exclusively on Twitter via the American Express UK account. Its goal is to inspire locals who too often ignore the beauty around themselves in favor of their electronic devices. After all, if everyone is rushing around London looking down at their phones, why not bring the beauty of London to their screens?

Knight explains why he was so eager to work on this project:

The poetry of roses, the beauty of architecture, both classical and modern and the vast array of human relationships and cultures caught up in the flow of communication between millions of people and their actions. All these different tempos of life flowing over each other. I feel our familiarity with the place we live can make us miss the brilliance that is all around us, which is why I’ve teamed up with American Express to celebrate this wonderful city and help people see its hidden beauty.

The impetus behind the digital photography gallery was an American Express study that revealed that seven in ten Brits are looking down at their phones when exploring their everyday surroundings – and missing out on the everyday beauty around them.

(Art gallery image via Shutterstock)