Photographers Get their Own Social Network

Despite the fact digital photography or traditional photography have seen an explosive growth the past year thanks to the slew of affordable entry-level and mid-level digital SLRs, it’s very seldom that I encounter a new social network geared for this growing nich of digital photographers. So, it wa delighted to chance upon the Photography Network which we obviously don’t have to tell you what’s it all about.

Photography Network was just launched this month and already the site has managed to get more than 1000 members during its first week of opening. And I bet it is continously growing as there are certainly millions of photographers – photo enthusiasts, professional photographers and amateur photographers world wide.

The Photography Network offers up a good place to showcase your work, view others’ works and most importantly to give/share feedbacks about others works as well as receive feedbacks for your own work which good either be positive or a more negative critique. And what’s the point of all these? To learn from each other as well as find new avenues for your work.

I know Flickr and other big photo uploading site have these features already and you might as yourself why would you bother joining the Photography Network anymore? Well, yeah Flickr might be a good photo uploading site with some social connectivity features, but Photography Network offers something more. You can also find essential suppliers, galleries, exhibitions and news that would keep you updated with what’s happening in the digital photofraphy industry.

Photography Network might just be your ticket to building a great and fulfilling digital photography career.

For its site features, Photography Network has a collage of recent (and I would have to say GREAT) images, featured photographer’s section, featured forum posts and a collage of photos of those who recently joined the network and have created their profile. Other features include, blog, videos, polls and of course the most important of these – the site gallery.

The Photography Network if given the publicity it deserves has the potential to become a major social network in its chosen nich. Hopefully, the site owners would continue to make their social network a better virtual place for communicating and social learning.