PhotoComic for iPad: Simple, Fun, Easy to Share Your Comic Book Photo Pages

One of the free iPad apps during the past weekend was:

PhotoComic for iPad (iTunes App Store)

It has a very simple but compelling function: Turn photos and other images in your iPad photo library into comic book pages. Photos can be imported easily into a variety of portrait and landscape comic book page panel layouts. Dialog ballons, thought bubbles, and graphic “sound” text (Bang!) can be dragged and dropped into place for each panel.

A completed comic book page can be saved to your photo album, emailed, tweeted out to Twitter or posted as a Facebook status as a photo update. You can see how my Facebook status looked after I posted my first PhotoComic produced page in the screen segment here.

I noticed that one panel layout I wanted to use is not in PhotoComic’s currently layout options: The standard four panel layout. It would also be nice if the app had a larger title box for text-heavy introductory material commonly placed on the first page or near the beginning of a comic book.