Photobucket for iPhone Time Warp: Both 1.0 & 1.1 Available at the Same Time

I recalled hearing/reading somewhere that Photobucket had either a new or updated free iPhone app available. So, I took a look in the iTunes App Store and ran into a little oddity. If you search for Photobucket in iTunes, you’ll find…

Photobucket for iPhone 1.0

…and also…

Photobucket 1.1

The 1.0 release version has a June 2, 2008 release date (before the App store opened) and has a strong Fox Interactive Media branding (Fox owns Photobucket). The 1.1 release has an April 28, 2009 release date and does not have any Fox branding associated with it in iTunes.

The screenshots for the two versions look similar (the 1.1 version has an extra option to Visit Photobucket). So, I assume it is the current version as the version number implies. Still, it seems odd to have two versions of the same iPhone app available at the same time in the iTunes store when both are free (vs. free for the older version and paid for the newer one).

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