Photo Tagging Helps Apps Ascend This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users is mostly a listing of larger apps that enjoyed rebounds, but not real growth, in their DAU over the seven-day period, along with a few showing new spikes that may not last. But as usual, there are also a few newer names that are deserving of some attention.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Phrases6,076,562+1,684,209+38%
2. My Year In Status1,035,811+1,035,103+146,201%
3. FarmVille17,200,603+842,502+5%
4. Frases Diarias1,572,254+554,836+55%
5. BandPage by RootMusic507,871+505,206+18,957%
6. Windows Live Messenger10,503,808+451,037+4%
7. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,588,421+425,384+7%
8. MindJolt Games2,089,241+412,851+25%
9. Yahoo!2,549,153+377,062+17%
10. Birthday Calendar347,781+347,744+939,849%
11. FrontierVille7,114,716+297,941+4%
12. 德州撲克(中文版)1,212,817+250,921+26%
13. Horoscopes2,858,230+231,169+9%
14. Badoo618,051+213,682+53%
15. Status Shuffle1,003,146+207,263+26%
16. Family Feud1,159,021+200,759+21%
17. Games1,457,841+200,683+16%
18. My Top Fans Pro194,417+186,087+2,234%
19. Die Herausforderung der Städte185,624+185,139+38,173%
20. My Band: Profile Pages for Bands and Musicians195,933+180,218+1,147%

Phrases, Frases Diarias and a handful of others are showing significant, unexplained spikes in DAU. With larger apps of their sort, it’s usually best to wait a few days before judging whether the gains are permanent.

My Year In Status is an older app that, almost exactly a year ago, briefly enjoyed a high of 7.3 million monthly actives and almost a million DAU. It has since crawled along at just a few thousand users. It can thus be considered something of a holiday app, attracting users only toward the end of the year.

Skipping down past some less notable apps, Birthday Calendar comes in at number 11; this is an app that we made note of earlier this week; it works by generating calendars with embedded photos of friends, who are then tagged.

Finally, My Top Fans Pro is enjoying fast growth, using the same mechanic as Birthday Calendar; after generating a picture of your top fans, it asks you to publish the photo, which will notify all of those friends simultaneously.