7 Tips Everyone Should Know About Using Photos As A Twitter Marketing Tool

As a small or medium business, you’ve got to incorporate Twitter into your social media strategy. But there’s plenty more to Twitter than just tweeting out press releases.

In the wake of the announcement that Twitter will launch its own photo sharing service, now’s a great time to review your Twitter photo sharing strategy, and learn the tips and tricks that will help you tweet multimedia with confidence.

  1. Choose your photos wisely – The photos you tweet to your followers will give them insight into who you are and the ethos of your company, so you want to choose what photos to share wisely. Share only those photos that you would be proud to show your in-store customers, your investors, and your parents!
  2. Don’t be afraid to snap a pic of the “underbelly” – In the same breath, you shouldn’t be afraid to show some of the behind-the-scenes action at your company, even if it’s not glamorous. Your followers want to know about the nitty-gritty of life at your company, so share it with them! But just make sure it’s PG and helps your overall brand. An employee after-hours “cheers!” at a bar is fine to tweet, but save the end-of-the-night crazy pics for your personal hard drive.
  3. Let your employees snap and share (appropriate) photos themselves – Giving your employees free reign to tweet the photos they think best represents your business will empower them and give special insight to your followers. Just make sure all employees who have access to your Twitter account are caught up on your social media guidelines, which should include the definition of an appropriate photo.
  4. Don’t spam – Too many photos too close together is like anything too close together on Twitter: spam. Well, it might not be intended that way, but your followers will certainly think of it as a nuisance. If you’re just starting to share photos, one every 2 or 3 days is probably a good place to start. You can increase this number if you see positive feedback.
  5. Don’t force it – Ah, the age-old dilemma of Twitter: you feel compelled to tweet, but have nothing to say. If your timeline has had a long gap in tweeting or photo sharing, you’ll often feel obliged to throw up some content just to keep the silence at bay. However, with photos even more than with tweets, a sloppy or irrelevant post will quickly turn your followers away. Keep the photos interesting and insightful, even if this means only tweeting pics once a week.
  6. Photos should be clear and easy to make out – This one’s an obvious one. You don’t want to tweet a crooked, blurry photo of an amorphous blob and include the caption “guess what celebrity visited our office today!” If your followers can’t make out what’s captured in the photo, they’ll start to skip over your multimedia tweets and may unfollow you altogether.
  7. Include a relevant caption – While you might think a photo stands alone, if you don’t include some words of description when you tweet it out, all your followers will see is a shortened link… and next to no one clicks on links on Twitter without some sort of description. You can describe the photo, ask a question, or even be obscure. Just be sure you include a caption in your photo tweet.