Photo Fun: Fuzzy Pickle Edition

Today’s photo fun feature is dedicated to “Picture Day.”  If your elementary school was anything like mine, Picture Day meant standing single file –  like teeny, tiny Russians in a bread line – as your teacher handed out plastic combs for last-minute coiffing.  While waiting for your closeup, you compared picture package order forms with your friends and ultimately determined which kid’s parents loved them the most and which kid was an accident.  Then a decidedly-douchey photographer forced you to say stupid sh*t like “fuzzy pickle” before snapping your picture.  Yes, those were the days…

In honor of Picture Day victims everywhere, we bring to you this elementary school  photo of a well-known political reporter.  Can you guess which member of the Washington press corps said “fuzzy pickle” just moments before this mugshot was snapped?  Hints:  he was hired twice for the same job.  He’s more familiar with the inside of congressional office than most political journos.  His current employer may be the hare of Cap. Hill news but he was a terrapin in college.

Answer after the jump.

If you guessed Politico’s Jonathan Allen, you are right.