Photo Captions Are In for Charlie and Annie

Thanks to all who contributed.
The names of the authors are absent to protect the innocent (or, in this case, not so innocent). All the best to NYP’s Charlie Hurt and C-SPAN’s Annie Tin for being good sports (i.e. don’t injure me the next time we run into one another!)

1. Annie to Charlie: If you don’t be quiet I’m seriously going to slap you with my blurry hand!

2. Charlie and Annie argue over whose turn it is to work the hook for the bad RTCA Dinner entertainment.

3. Animatedly sauced (Note to readers: neither was intoxicated. This is creative thinking).

4. Charlie and Annie argue over which one of them Kathy Griffin was flirting with. John King and Dana Bash had the same argument on the way home. (FYI, Griffin attended RTCA as a guest of King and Bash.)

5. Charlie and Annie play rock paper scissors over who get to ride shotgun in Scott Brown’s truck on the ride home.