Phone Mobility Relic Turned Into Art: Rotary Phone & Cord Coil Sheep

Coiled telephone cord

As recently as 10 to 15 years ago, phone mobility meant something quite different from today’s concept of mobile phones. Way back in the last millenium a cordless phones were about as mobile as most our phones got. And, before that, roaming around with a phone involved a very long (often coild) cord. And before push-button touchtone phones were common, these long coiled cords were often attached to rotary dial phones which probably confuse today’s youngsters. reports on an inspired piece (really pieces) of art created using these old rotary phones and coiled cords…

Jean Luc Cornec’s Re-purposed Rotary Phone Sheep

You can see a photo of a part of this large collection of sculptures in the photo below. The sculptures can be found at the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt.

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