Phoenix Uses Adobe’s Goods to Make Adobe Look Good


Dexigner has the whole story on Phoenix Editorial & Designs‘ work for Adobe in creating a series of really fantastic product launch films for their new Creative Suite 3 release. It reads like a press release, which is a little heavy handed at times, but it’s great to read up on how they came up with the idea behind each one. Here’s a bit from Phoenix’s Creative Director, Matt Silverman, about the first, “Print,” our favorite:

The “print” chapter takes the audience through a visual journey from an ordinary letter A to an ornate letter A. Based off of custom typography from design-legend Neville Brody, the A’s transformation is accented by pop art ink drippings and paint splats, halftones and collage-like layers. The “web” chapter follows a web site layout from napkin sketch to simple flowchart, before moving on to complicated, maze-like 3D flowcharts populating an entire world.