10 Little Known Facts About Phoenix Facebook Users

As a city located in the desert, Phoenix has some of the hottest temperatures in the United States. The city is the state capital of Arizona, and it is also the fifth largest city in the United States. It is home to many notable sports teams, musicians, politicians, and actors. The Valley of the Sun may be pretty hot all year round, but here are some pretty cool little known facts about the city’s Facebook users. Check out the findings below!


The majority of Phoenix metropolitan area Facebook users are between the ages of 25-34. In total, there are 1,740,080 people in the area on the site with 43% of those being male users.


The Arizona Cardinals have the biggest support in Phoenix with over 43,000 fans. At first I thought it may have been Jerry Maguire, but as it turns out the movie only has about 700 fans on the site in Phoenix. It must be Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald leading the team to the 2008 Super Bowl. Surprisingly, the Phoenix Coyotes only have about 9,000 fans. They could have used more support in that disappointing loss against the Red Wings last playoff season.


About a quarter of Facebook users in the Phoenix metropolitan area are college graduates. Arizona State University accounts for about 5% of college grads in the area. In addition, there are about 6,000 graduates who received their diplomas from the area’s Grand Canyon University.


Big name rock band Jimmy Eat World has over 4,000 fans in Phoenix. Also, slightly smaller rock band that broke up a few years back, The Format managed to capture 4,500 hearts in the city singing songs about their hometown. Unfortunately for big name act Alice Cooper, he only has about 900 fans on the site in the Phoenix area. We do hear his restaurant is pretty good though.


To the over 15,000 fans of snowboarding and 2,000 fans of winter you might have to do some traveling to get to your desired temperatures considering the desert climates of Phoenix. The 5,000 fans of sunshine in the area seem to have ended up in the right place however.

Movies & Television

CBS show “Medium” has about 4,000 fans in the area. Who’s excited for the new season to start up? “Little Miss Sunshine”, partially filmed in the area, had about 2,300 local fans on Facebook. Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “Psycho” has about 560 fans in Phoenix. Maybe the remake ruined it for many?


Being that the city is so close to Mexico, it is a great place to get authentic Mexican cuisine. There are over 9,000 fans of mexican food in the area. Any Tee Pee restaurant fans out there?


Phoenix is vastly expanding more and more each day, and it is already the fifth largest city in the United States. A vast majority of people in the metropolitan area are Facebook users, and it is likely that the 1.7 million profiles in the Valley of the Sun will continue to rise as quickly as the temperature.