Philly Reporter Learns Not to Compare Real-Life Murderers to Walter White

If you weren’t glued to Twitter last night at 9 PM (and we really hope that you weren’t, for your own sake), then you may have missed the case of a Philadelphia newscaster who took “newsjacking” to another level. Joyce Evans of Fox 29 in Philly really wanted everyone to watch her 10 PM segment on a shootout that left one man dead and wounded six more, but she chose a funny way to bait the audience:

We’re not quite sure who took this one viral but we will guess that Evans is new to Twitter, because she wasn’t quite ready for the backlash.

So a media person tried to win attention with a poorly planned message and lots of bored surfers heckled her for it. In other words, it was another evening on Twitter. We’re more upset by her spelling of “leavin'”, “breakin'” and “tonite” than her making light of violent crime, because she had nine spaces left in the tweet! There was no need to abbreviate!

Two important questions remain unanswered, however:

  • What will be the hot new Sunday night drama that everyone can reference (because Boardwalk Empire just won’t cut it)?
  • How big was Fox 29’s ratings bump last night?!?! The world needs to know!