Newspaper Reporter Makes the Ultimate Professional Pledge

This is how you commit during a job interview.

PhilMolnarPicThe following words were uttered in 2015 to San Diego Union-Tribune business editor Diana McCabe by job candidate Phillip Molnar (pictured):

“I want to die at my desk writing a story.”

Wow. Molnar, who holds a Master’s degree in journalism from NYU, went on to land the job of business reporter and has been with the tronc inc. newspaper since September. Per a profile by U-T Community Journalism Scholars Program member Xavier Sanchez, the way Molnar got into journalism in the first place is also pretty dramatic:

“I was living in London, England, and I was there [while] some terrorist attacks happened,” Molnar said. “Basically, my cousin who was at an Ohio newspaper asked me to write what I saw – all my observations, and they put it on the front page of this Ohio newspaper and I got the journalism bug.”

FishbowlNY hopes of course that Molnar does not die at his desk, but rather enjoys a long and successful rest-of-career (he’s in his early 30s), followed by many years of happy retirement. Boss McCabe also makes an appearance in an accompanying video mini-profile of Molnar , embedded below.

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