Philippine Official: PR Firm’s $15,000 Fee Was ‘Very Cheap’

At a news briefing following Philippine President Benigno Aquino III’s visit to New York for the United Nations’ General Assembly meeting, government officials talked about their decision to hire PR firm Kreab Gavin Anderson.

According to a local website,, reports about hiring the firm have said the fee was high. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima stated that the cost was $15,000. GMANews.TV quotes Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo saying the price was “very cheap” and “way, way worth it.”

Purisima said that the Kreab Gavin Anderson’s work was a “one-time engagement” but they are looking for a long-term PR partner. PRNewser has contacted Kreab Gavin Anderson for comment about whether they are pitching the work.

In a government statement quoted by, Purisima said, “I was asked to look for it principally for the business media because as you know, the Philippines sells our debt abroad and it’s important that they get the message transparently, clearly, and on time. And we did. But I assure you that just like the rest of the trip we are very prudent in the use of government resources, frugal.”

Government officials said the firm was helpful with scheduling and other logistical matters. In addition, GMANews.TV writes, “Arranged by the PR firm, Aquino was interviewed by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal during his working trip to the U.S. Cabinet members were also interviewed by Bloomberg and Reuters.”

The government also touted the billions of dollars in investment that resulted from the trip and the need to communicate with the world.

“I come from the private sector, and for an institution as big as the Republic of the Philippines, you really need an international PR firm to support it,” Domingo is quoted in GMANews.TV.

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