Philippe Starck’s School of Design Set to Air in Late March

The television show we’ve been awaiting with great eagerness since we first heard about it back in mid-June of last year, Philippe Starck’s School of Design, has reportedly wrapped and is currently being edited, reading itself for the big premiere in late March. Unfortunately, for now it appears only to be airing on the BBC in the UK, but with the internet as it is, you shouldn’t have much trouble tracking down episodes, or at the very least, clips of Starck saying something indecipherable or bizarre (maybe both!). Also, the BBC hasn’t updated the site they put up for the show last July, but fortunately Design Week has a few more details. Here’s a bit about what you’ll see at its start:

The first episode’s challenge will see the contestants search a hypermarket for products displaying good and bad design qualities. Advised by his wife Jasmine Abdellatif, Starck gives the five worst-performing students ten minutes to repeat the hypermarket challenge on the Internet, before finally dismissing two of them.