Philippe Starck Rallies Against Barbarism


Philippe Starck apparently doesn’t want to talk about design or art right now. He wants to talk about “barbarians.” Or so he says in this article from Reuters: “Designer Starck Wants to Fight the Barbarians.” Who are they? People who don’t want to think about the environment. In the piece, he says that he can only do so much as a designer and what he does takes too long to get any sort of message across, so people have to start buying less. Though then the story goes into his design of a new eco-friendly yacht and his work with the Virgin Galactic spaceport, both of which he essentially calls stupid and pointless. And he gave this interview after his appearance at the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit. Honestly, read the piece and tell us what’s going on. We think his heart’s in the right place, we’re just a little confused as to how he’s getting from point A to point B.