Philippe Starck Pops Up In Men’s Vogue

We’re not exactly sure why Philippe Starck is starting up a new publicity tour for himself (maybe he’s going to run for office somewhere?), but he’s popped up again, this time in Men’s Vogue, for a lengthy feature on him, his work, and the various things that come out of his mouth. And per usual, the later is why you should read anything that is about Starck, because it’s always a blast to hear or read his words. Is it because of the language barrier or is the man slightly insane? We’d accept both without hesitation, were you to provide us with the truth about either. So go forth and enjoy. Oh, and hey, here’s more about his gigantic earth-friendly yacht:

Tapping his inner volcano allows Starck to finish an entire hotel — right down to the screws on the doors — in just two or three days. “I’ve never seen a man work harder than him,” his agent, Michele Caniato, says. In less than an hour, Starck recently designed a 525-foot eco-friendly mega-yacht with a hull that barely makes a wake. It probably helped that he was basking in an endorphic afterglow. As [his wife, Jasmine Abdellatif] recalls: “I was falling asleep, and he was drawing, and after 40 minutes he said, ‘Oh, look.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah!'”