Philippe Starck Continues to Design for LaCie, Yves Behar Expands Jawbone Product Line

Still catching up on my absence from you wonderful people (oh the tears shed while I was away), here’s a quick note from the product design from. Last year, you might recall, we told you that Philippe Starck had returned to designing external hard drives for LaCie, itself no stranger to hot shot design pros coming in to make attractive outer shells for its storage boxes, including among others Porsche Design, Karim Rashid and Neil Poulton. Apparently Starck’s comeback was either so successful or the company just can’t get enough of the wacky Frenchman, that they’ve just announced his return for another, more pocket-sized model. Elsewhere, Yves Behar continues his red letter year in product design with something that’s actually red. Through Jawbone, who Behar had originally made a far more attractive Bluetooth earpiece for and which was the object that arguably brought him into the public spotlight, they have announced Jambox, a small device that easily connects to wireless devices and functions as a wireless speaker. As it’s just the sort of thing you’d find for purchase at an Apple Store, you’ll find it available at all of them on the 16th. Here’s the snazzy commercial they’ve put together for it: