Philip Roth Won’t Buy an eReader

In a Reuters interview, novelist Philip Roth said he won’t be buying a Kindle or an iPad. “I like to read in bed at night and I like to read with a book. I can’t stand change anyway,” he explained. In the video embedded above, Roth expounded on what he sees as the fading art of novel reading.

In addition, the award-winning writer told Reuters that electronic devices will ruin the art of reading. Roth added: “It is a shame. It is also what is happening, and there is nothing at all to do about it … The concentration, the focus, the solitude, the silence, all the things that are required for serious reading are not within people’s reach anymore.”

What do you think? Has your Kindle or iPad ruined your serious reading time? While adjusting to a new baby in the house, this eBookNewser editor has found that reading on his iPhone has greatly increased the amount of serious reading he can accomplish. Share your thoughts in the comments.